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This 8-day course is designed for adults from PRC who have little or no knowledge of English, and who would like to pick up the language to help them communicate with members of the English-speaking community.

If you know anyone who might want to attend this course (your friend, spouse, neighbour, employees, etc), you can send us a message via our Contact Form, and we will inform you when the course details are ready.

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In the meanwhile, if you would like to register your interest in our Beginner's English Course,  or our 'How to Speak Fluently, Expressively and Pronounce Accurately' course, you can send us a message via our Contact Form:

courses for
adults at centropod@changi

As this is an 8-day course, to help your spouse / friend / employee, etc to decide if he / she would like to attend our course, we will be offering a no-obligation trial first lesson.

Participants of our trial lessons will be under no obligation to sign up for the course if they feel that the course is not suitable for them, and will not have to pay fees for this lesson.

Those who do decide to go ahead and attend the entire 8-day course will be charged the full course fees.

​Do check this page for the schedule for our trial first lessons.

Trial 1st Lesson
for adult BEGINNERS AT centropod@changi