Head Start English Language Course for Post-PSLE Students

​To Parents of PSLE students

Next year, when your child enters secondary school, he/she will be faced with a plethora of new experiences, including new subjects, and old subjects taught in very different ways.

To help your child ease into secondary school life more smoothly, you may wish to consider putting him / her through our 10-day (30-hr) English course for lower sec students:  "Enhance Your English Comprehension, Summary Writing and Oral Skills".    This way, your child will begin secondary school secure in the knowledge that attending secondary school English Language classes will not be a bewildering experience. The course coverage is given in the brochure below. Watch this page for the release of the updated course brochure.

These courses will begin either in late October or early November.  If you are interested in signing your child up for this course, please whatsapp Mrs Yap (97456398).  You can also gather a group of interested parents to sign their children up for the course.​

'O' Level EL Preparation Workshops: Workshop 5 Series (Workshops 5A - 5I)

These intensive stand-alone 3-hr workshops are designed for Sec 4 Exp & Sec 5NA students who would like a systematic revision programme that gives them intensive practice in answering different types of comprehension questions before they sit for their Prelim Exams or their 'O' Level Exams.​

Why is attending these workshops will be more beneficial for students than just attempting exercises in assessment books then comparing their answers with those in the answer key? 

When a student looks at a recommended answer in the answer key of an assessment book,

(i) he may not understand why that is the answer (because there is usually no explanation for answers in assessment books)

(ii) he may think his answer is correct just because he used the same key words as those found in the recommended answer, not realising that the way he phrased his answer may actually have rendered his answer wrong or inaccurate 

(iii) his answer and the recommended answer look quite similar, but he may not be able to tell if his answer is actually correct

[And very often, parents themselves cannot really tell if their children's answers are correct just by comparing them with the answers in the answer scheme!]

During our workshops, however, the trainer will give students feedback on their answers, explain how the answers are arrived at, what makes their answers inaccurate, and how students can improve their answers, so with this guidance, students will learn better. They will also learn the kinds of mistakes that they usually make, and how to avoid them.

The difference between the workshops is the comprehension passage used, and the types of questions that are tested in each passage, which, of course, will depend on the passage. We recommend that all students start with Workshop 5A.

These workshops are available on request.  We understand that scheduling may be a challenge because students have different personal schedules, so if you can arrange for another 2 parents to sign their child up for these workshops, your child's workshop will be confirmed if Mrs Yap is available on your chosen dates..

Please whatsapp Mrs Yap (97456398) for enquiries or bookings.