21 secondary schools in Singapore  adopted Distinction in English - 'O' 

  Level Comprehension (2013 Edition) for use by their students in 2016

Distinction in English - 'O' Level Comprehension (2013 Edition) is for students seeking to master the techniques required for the 'O' Level English Language Comprehension Paper (MOE Syllabus 1128).

This is an excellent book for students who would like to have more practice in answering 'O' Level comprehension questions.

Key Features include:

*Analyses, techniques and varied practice exercises for each question type

One chapter devoted to teaching summary writing, including a step-by-step guide to summary writing.

*A wide range of comprehension passages in the latest 'O' Level format, with marks clearly indicated

*Complete Answer Key

Published by Marshall Cavendish Education

Click on any one of the question types below to see sample questions from the book

This book is available at Popular Bookstores.

Note to Teachers: Order this book through your school bookshop so you can negotiate for a discounted price. Or you can order it directly from the publisher by calling their Customer Service number (+65-62139444) or sending an email to: marketing@mceducation.com