We run English Language courses to help  'O' Level students prepare for the 'O' Level English Examination, and to arm Sec 1 & 2 students with the basic skills they need to do well in secondary school comprehension & summary writing paper.

Our courses are specially designed by our Principal Trainer, Marife Cruz Yap, who is the author of 3 English Language books in the Distinction in English series, published by Marshall Cavendish Education.

 We also offer two courses for adults:

(i) Adult  Beginners' Conversational English Course

for PRC nationals who would like to learn English in order to communicate better with their English-speaking peers.

(ii) How to Speak More Fluently and Clearly

for adult English speakers who would like to learn how to speak better. This course would be good for English Language teachers/parents who would like to be better role models for their students/children, and adults in professions for which fluency in English is a prerequisite or an advantage.

In addition, we have Information Sessions for Parents of Sec 1 Students, designed to enlighten parents about the differences between PSLE and 'O' Level  English Language examinations.

We encourage English Language teachers to attend our courses with their students as part of their Professional Development Programme so that they can follow-up more effectively on the courses. Many teachers have done so over the years and found our courses to be beneficial.

EL Teachers can book our courses to be conducted at their schools for their 'O' Level students (Sec 3 Exp / Sec 4 Exp / Sec 5NA).  Otherwise, upper sec students can attend our courses at our learning centre (Langlit English Centre).

Our English courses for lower sec students and adults are conducted at LanglitEnglish Centre.

Several times a year, Marife Yap conducts Public Workshops which are attended by students and teachers from various schools.

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