GOOD NEWS for teachers and students!

Marife Cruz Yap is in the process of re-writing her two English comprehension books pictured above and turning them into a series of 4 comprehension books based on the new syllabus.

The series title is:

Distinction in English - 'O' Level Comprehension Books 1 - 4.

Book 4  is recommended for Sec 4 and Sec 5 students

Book 3 is recommended for Sec 3 students

Book 2 is recommended for Sec 2 students

Book 1 is recommended for Sec 1 students

Each book contains a complete programme for teaching students comprehension and summary writing skills, and can thus be used in schools as a textbook. Students can also use these books for self-study.

Mrs Yap has already submitted the manuscripts for Books 3 and 4 to the publisher (Marshall Cavendish Education), so Book 4 will be the first book in the series to hit the shelves, sometime in Semester 2, followed by Book 3,  and Books 1 and 2 will probably be released in June or July..

Watch this space for updates on the release dates of these books!

Distinction in English - 'O' Level Comprehension (2013 Edition) & Distinction in English - Lower Secondary Comprehension are excellent resources for students seeking to master the techniques required for the 'O' Level English Language Comprehension Paper.

These books will provide students with plenty of practice answering the question types to be found in the 'O' Level Comprehension Paper, namely, Inferential Question, Language Use for Impact Question, Use Your Own Words Question, Proof of Evidence Question, Vocabulary in Context Question, Factual Question, Use of Visuals Question, Global Question and Summary Writing.

English Language teachers can use these books in class as supplementary texts to hone their students' comprehension and summary writing skills. Students can also use these books for self-study.

These books are available at Popular Bookstores.

Note to Teachers:

Order these books for your students through your school bookshop so you can negotiate for a discounted price. Or you can order it directly from the publisher by calling their Customer Service number (+65-62139444) or sending an email to:

All four books come with complete

Answer Keys.

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Education

Distinction in English - 'O' Level Vocabulary is a superb companion for English Language students who wish to kick start their vocabulary improvement programme, and improve their vocabulary by leaps and bounds.  It can be used for self-study or as a supplementary text for use in English Language classes for students from Sec 1 to Sec 5NA.

  English Language books written by

our Principal Trainer, Marife Cruz Yap