English Language Workshops for Teachers

We have one 'O' Level EL Workshop available for EL teachers.


Trainer: Marife Cruz Yap
BA Hons (English Language), NUS
Dip Ed (NIE)
Author of:




How to Teach 'O' Level Summary Writing Confidently & Effectively
A 3-hr Online Workshop for EL Teachers
Conducted via Zoom

 Who should attend this workshop:
*Beginning Teachers
*More experienced teachers who are keen to improve their teaching skills

 The Aims of this Workshop
(1) To train EL teachers to teach summary writing systematically, by breaking it down into the
     8 essential skills which students must master in order to write a good summary

(2) To arm participants with a complete step-by-step summary writing course that they
      can incorporate in their lessons to train their students to write better summaries

(3) To guide participants to craft questions that will make up the exercises in their group's

      unique summary writing course 

(4)  And through doing so, to help these EL teachers teach summary writing more confidently

       and effectively

 Group Size: 
8 - 12 teachers

$248/- net per workshop per teacher



 *To expedite confirmation of your workshops on your preferred dates, you can form your own groups of teachers from different schools.

 **Groups with fewer than 12 teachers may be joined by teachers from other schools.