English Language Courses for Secondary Schools

If you are an EL HOD or an EL Teacher looking for English Language Courses to boost your students' comprehension and summary writing skills, you've come to the right place.

Our Principal Trainer, Marife Cruz Yap can conduct our courses for your students at your school's premises on weekdays during term time, either on weekdays or  Saturdays,  or during the school holidays.

EL teachers are also encouraged to attend the courses with their students so that they will be able to follow up on the courses(s) more effectively in during their lessons.

Beginning Teachers can also attend these courses as part of their training.

Please contact Mrs Yap (97456398) for enquiries or to discuss booking details.

Click the buttons below to view the detailed lists of our available courses for upper secondary and lower secondary students.‚Äč

Should your school not be able to book our workshops for any reason, but you have students who you feel may need to attend such courses, you can recommend them to attend our small-group workshops. Students or their parents can contact Mrs Yap directly to enquire about these workshops.