English Language Courses for Sec 1 & Sec 2 Students (2022)

Dear Parents of Sec 1 & Sec 2 students 

How did your child fare for the EOY English Language Paper? 

If, after 1 year of English lessons in school (or 2 years, in the case of Sec 2 students) and many months of English tuition classes, your child is still struggling to answer compre and / or  summary writing questions, why not put him / her through our intensive Comprehension and/ or Summary Writing Crash Courses, to give him / her a better understanding of how to answer the different question types and the thought processes that he /she needs to go through to come up with good answers. This course also covers oral skills, which are important life skills, and of course, which will help your child fare better for his / her oral exams. The details of this course are in the brochure below.

We also have a 2-day (2x3hr) Grammar & Editing Crash course, which will give your child an excellent foundation in grammar skills, and will help to improve his / her writing skills.

Check the course details in the brochure below, and sign your child up for one or more of our courses by whatsapping Mrs Yap (97456398).  You can also gather a group of interested parents to sign their children up for the course on your preferred dates.