'O' Level English Comprehension Skills Courses for EL Teachers

For teachers who are keen to improve  in the area of teaching comprehension skills, our Principal Trainer, Marife Cruz Yap, will teach via demonstration.

Schools can book a 2-day (2 x 3-hr)  'O' Level EL Crash Course for their students, and EL teachers can sit in during the lessons to observe how Mrs Yap teaches the techniques for answering each of the question types, explains different concepts that students need to understand in order to do well for the comprehension paper (like nuances of meaning, word connotation and word association), and guides students to get the right answers, or to improve their answers based on her prompts. 

Alternatively, if your EL teachers would like to focus only on one or more of the 3 most challenging question types (Inferential, Language Use  or Use Your Own Words questions), you can book one of our 3 workshops dedicated to these question types.

For this teacher training course, your school can book a 3-hr workshop for a group of up  to 50 students with up to 4 EL teachers sitting in.

Cost per 3-hr workshop: $1,200/- nett for a group of up to 50 students and 4 EL teachers.

Additional students will be charged $24/- for a 3-hr workshop, and $48/- for a 6-hr workshop, while additional teachers will be charged $100/- per 3-hr workshop or $200/- per 6-hr workshop.

If you are looking to improve your teachers' teaching skills in time to help this year's graduating students,  please whatsapp Mrs Yap (97456398) to arrange for a workshop for your students and teachers soon.